Day 48: East Meets West

Miles: 7403

States: 14

Haiku: We were too busy listening to today’s

Musicals: Drowsy Chaperone & Bye Bye Birdie

Today we slept in until the Pickle alarm woke us up at 6:48 AM.  We got going and had a little breakfast at The Egg and I in Cheyenne and then we were off.

52Nebraska is a long state, just like Kansas.  Nebraska looked a lot like Kansas, but I felt like there were more cows than crops in Nebraska.  And there was one group in particular that were MIGHTY smelly.  We saw a giant statue of Jesus right at the border and later 3 crosses atop a flat bluff.  I think Nebraska is part of the Bible Belt.


The Pickle was fighting a fever yesterday and that continued today. She was so good, because she was in and out of sleep all day.  As soon as we checked into our Lincoln hotel, I tried to give her some tylenol but she vomited.  Poor baby girl.  If she doesn’t start feeling better, I may have to reroute our last week to get home sooner.

53Jason’s cousin Wendy lives here so her family came by to say hello and take a little dip.  She left us with some hand knitted Nebraska mini sweaters! I love them!!!


One response to “Day 48: East Meets West

  1. Oh no, poor PIckle. Hope she feels better asap.

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