Day 46 & 47: East Meets West

Miles: 6956

Haiku: Coco and Reilly
Wedding of the Century
Navy, Brown and Green

Sunday was an exhausting day….we just had to recover from the wedding.  After church Pickle and I had a nap while everyone else did some touring of Brigham City.  They saw many graves of family members and checked out houses my great grandparents used to live in.  I was happy to be sleeping, though housekeeping paid a visit and interrupted it. Seriously? I have had all of 2 naps on this trip and housekeeping, who had already come, woke me up???

Pickle took 4 steps yesterday between the beds in the hotel.  That was probably the most exciting thing that happened all day.  She is standing up and moving around more…she is so close.

This morning we woke up bright and early to get on our way.  After breakfast with Grammy and Papa, we loaded up the car.  I drove about 5 feet and then told the girls I forgot something, reversed and my Mom opened the passenger door and asked: Room for one more? (Check out the header).

They were pretty stoked that Grammy joined the East Meets West Road Trip!

The day was 7 hours but went by so fast.  We only took 2 brief pit stops, mostly because there was no place to stop and eat between Brigham City and Cheyenne.  When we finally arrived we had some Jimmy Johns and played cards while we waited for the rain to stop.  After that we took a quick little walk around the vicinity of our hotel and saw a little piece of Cheyenne.50 Did you know that Wyoming was the first state to give women the vote?

55One of the coolest coincidences was happening upon this yarn bombed fence!  49Of course we added to it. KJ provided us with the perfect pieces-they matched perfectly.  We loved the Wrangler store–we wanted to get boots so bad, but it’s not really our style, so we just imagined what it would be like to be cowgirls.  Can you imagine having an orange fringed leather couch?

48Our hotel is this crazy place with the same picture of the same Native American everywhere.  It’s cold out!

51We ate some meh Italian for dinner, but really enjoyed the Bocci balls which were meatballs/cheese wrapped in bread and dipped in marinera. Delicious.

We are so happy to have Grammy with us and feeling bittersweet about heading EAST!

Today’s Badge made by me:
badge 1



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