Day 45: East Meets West

Today was the wedding day!  One of the reasons the road trip was born was because Coco set her wedding date and location so close in proximity to my already planned California trip.  And just like that the day came and went.

Both Coco and Reilly are the youngest of 4 and 5 children, so it was a big wedding.  The ceremony was lovely and we all shed a little tear as we sat and reflected on not only their marriage but also our marriages.

The wedding was held in the Brigham City Temple in Utah.  This is the town where my grandparents grew up and the Brigham City Temple just opened. We toured it last year before it was operating.  The temple seems so big compared to the others we have visited…I think maybe because the ground are tiny so you can only stand right there next to it.

The reception was in the Maddox Lodge.  It was quite rustic and the food (especially the rolls and RASPBERRY BUTTER) was delicious.  We ate, had an open mic, danced and saw the newlyweds off with ribbon wands!  There were a few surprises up our sleeves…the one that I planned was a surprise group number featuring Reilly’s new brothers-in-law on Coco’s side.  He is a big Josh Turner fan, so this was the perfect song:

A few snaps:weddinfdg

Today’s Badge brought to you by Derek!  His Son presented it to the girls after the festivities today, The Swimming Badge:



2 responses to “Day 45: East Meets West

  1. You look gorgeous from head to toe! Love your hairdo to pieces! Stunning dress! Fab fam foto too!

  2. First embroidery effort ever. Played it safe. Maybe it could have been a bit smaller.

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