Day 44: East Meets West

Everyday I have to check the blog to see what day it is. Today is Day 44.

I am so tired right now, but I know I have to keep up.


Wake Up.


Nails done with the wedding party and the seesters at the Brigham City Cosmetology School which as you can imagine was a hoot and a half to the players inside this head of mine.  Where am I? This is America.


g No matter the atmosphere and quality of work, it was quality being together.

After that we had lunch and the girls swam and weddinged while Pickle slept. And then guess what?

Jason showed up!


It was SO good to see him. Like, SOOOOOOO good.

This afternoon we ran errands. I sent a package home via UPS of the various items we have acquired along our journey and the camping gear. It was a cool $100- THAT’S how big it was….57 pounds. Bessie will be much easier to pack now.

Tonight was the Fiesta for Coco and Reilly.  Pickle wore her first french braid.  Reilly’s family did a beautiful job hosting and we ate delicious Mexican food and had a wonderful time together.  We are pretty psyched for the BIG DAY TOMORROW!  I can’t find the bobbi pins though, so my victory rolls are currently at a high threat.  I hope Walmart is open early.

Aw…Baby Sister Coco:







One response to “Day 44: East Meets West

  1. I think you have your Christmas Card pic.

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