Day 43: East Meets West

The days are so jam packed that when I look at the day before I am in awe that it was just yesterday.

This morning we had the hotel breakfast (wah-wah) and then while Pickle took a nap the Bigs went swimming!  I got ready for the day and as soon as P woke up, we headed to the Cache County Fair.

I love a county fair.  This is true.

After wandering through the arts and crafts and baked goods, we found the pony rides!  Pickle rode her first pony–her emotions landed somewhere in between a little apprehensive and a little excited. I was so proud of her for not freaking out, because I could tell she considered it.  She loved the spotted dachsie at the pony rides better than the ponies.

After that we watched a lamb show.  It was so cool to see those kids handle those sheep.  I ended up seeing one of the little handlers after the show and asked her all about it.  She practiced almost everyday with that lamb and named it Lucky.  I asked her about Lucky’s fate and she said: slaughterhouse….so I guess that name is full of irony.

43The pigs were the laziest, most enormous beasts I have ever seen! And stinky!

Lunch was a beautiful thing.  Pickle and I shared the most deliciously sweet corn–she just devoured it, so I had to get another one.  I had some veggies from a dutch oven as well.  The girls had their first taste of carnival as I let them spend 10 tokens each.  They were both after a little prize at the games and came out winning a little stuffed something.

42On our way home everyone passed out in the car.  Since we arrived at the hotel with everyone sleeping, I settled in for a much needed 20 minute nap, which actually made me feel quite refreshed.  After a delicous and inexpensive meal at Old Gristmill, it was time for things to really rev up.

44  We asked the manager of the hotel if we could make use of the breakfast room, and he agreed.  As each family members started arriving in the evening, they entered the room and we all cheered for them.


There is so much family, this hotel is bursting at the seems.  We played games for hours and had a window into the pool where many of the family members swam.  This is going to be a fun weekend.




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