Day 42: East meets West

We left our beloveds today! We had such a wonderful time with our Ogden friends exploring Ogdeny things. I’m still thinking about Lil Audrey’s!


Today’s first stop: Meet the twins!
Cutest baby girls ever! It was so cool to see Mama the day before she gave birth and then see the babies live and in person!

After that we met up with our cousins at Cafe Rio! We have had a lot of that… It is so good though. We somehow acquired a little private dining nook and enjoyed our lunch.

The cousins had never been to temple square, so we headed over there and did some touring around. It was fun to play my mormon vid at one of the visitors centers:


Lolly had a hard time walking around so she got a turn in the ergo.



After we scored some pretty tight deals on wedding and school shoes at Macy’s, we headed to Brigham City.

The rolls at idle isle were the highlight of my stomach today.

Pickle’s too.












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