Day 41: East Meets West

Today I discovered Ogden, UT.

27Did you know this mountain is the same that you see on the Paramount Pictures logo?  And there are working pianos sprinkled around the downtown?

26I have been here many many times since I first met my future in-laws here in 1998, and have never seen the sights I saw today.

I saw the temple–which is basically being completely rebuilt, so it was probably the least picturesque of the temple crawl so far:

29There were so many wonderful fiber arts options today:

We stopped by Shepherd’s Bush.  There was so much to look at I could barely process it.  There were shelves of the most beautiful linen to cross stitch on.  At the tippy top I spied a kelly green piece that had very wide holes….my brain is already churning about what I am going to cross stitch on it some day.  I make my family’s Christmas stockings from SB patterns, so it was so cool to see all of them all made.

34Next stop was Needlepoint Joint, which had more of yarn and less of needlepoint.  We explored and there was a ton of stuff to choose from–an excellent source for Ogden, but I didn’t care for the woman who appeared to be running the store….I would not return there unless it was a knitting emergency!

35Then we hit Knit Craft Studio.  A hundred year PLUS old house that was filled from top to bottom with every possible thing you could think of….my favorite room was one filled with needlepoint canvases.  They were the kind where the main detailed focal point was already done, and the purchaser would just fill in the background and it would eventually turn into a chair or a framed piece of art.  I found a few that will make wild chairs in my house someday.  I also spied a needlepointed stool that was not for sale…but really–everything is for sale.

36The owner of the shop said it was not for sale when I inquired.  But I still really wanted it.  Jenny and I haggled back and forth until we came up with an amount that seemed right and I presented my desire to the owner. Is this REALLY priceless?  Because I really want to buy this.  She asked what I offered and I told her and she hesitated.  I asked her to think about it while I continued to look around.

39As I was checking out, she said I could have it for that price and I just about jumped for joy!  We went home to Jenny’s and cleaned it up from the YEARS of sitting around in an old dusty room and PACKED it into the back of Bessie. I cannot wait to get it home!

Jenny showed me the furniture store she opened several years ago called Indigo Sage. Everything in it is so beautiful, much like her personal home.  If you live anywhere in the vicinity, you have to go!

33On our way home we stopped by Lil Audrey’s: Where Happiness is a Gorgeous Figure. I had seen a portrait of Audrey in the Ogden Coffee Table Book at Jenny’s and new I wanted to meet her.  She wasn’t there, but I got an eyeful at her HEALTH SPA USA.  Ladies, there is NOTHING like this on the planet.  A women’s gym where EVERYTHING is purple….a pool, weights, exercise machines, piano, Christmas tree, sofa, sauna, steam room, locker room—all purple—memberships are $35- a month.

30I had to yarn bomb it.  Of course I chose purple.

31Tonight I had dinner at Roosters with some long lost 2nd cousins removed a few times/friends from days gone by and it was really fun to catch up with them…it had been AGES. 

28And topped the evening off with Strawberry Tarts and Banana Cream Pie from Sandy’s because they don’t start making the peach ones until next week. boo.

40Who knew Ogden is MY KIND OF TOWN!

Oh, and the girls did a lot of this along with eating cheetohs and cake for lunch–it was really nice to not shop or eat with them! A break! Yeehaw! Love you girls!




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