Day 40: East Meets West

Has it really been 40 days since I left home?

Sometimes at night, as I am trying to fall asleep, I try to picture my apartment.  I do miss my own space.

Today I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning out Bessie.  Boy does she look GOOD!  I have decided this week we will try to bounce around more like we do at home and less like the road trip.  I am allowing NO SNACKING in the van this week and all of the to-do’s are packed away in the back so that they seem fresh once we get on the long stretches again.

I am washing the carseat cover too.  I did that before the trip and you would NEVER KNOW IT.

My girls LOVE Jenny’s girls.  They have never spent this much concentrated time together and they are having a ball.  They set up a lemonade stand today and played Ninjas and every girl practiced their instruments!  We had a fun dinner and yogurt out.  I dodged a bullet when I realized I had left my wallet at the yogurt shop and it was STILL THERE!

Pickle was hilarious tonight. She has this new HIGH PITCHED scream that she screams whenever she wants something. We could not figure out what she wanted at dinner–it turns out she wanted to drink the sodas from the straw and use a fork to feed herself rice.  When all the rice fell off the fork, she would resort to just grabbing fistfuls of it with her left hand and shoving it in her mouth.

I had a nap today! What? That was awesome.  We love it here.  We’re not leaving.



One response to “Day 40: East Meets West

  1. Love Pickle eyeing your spoon!

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