Day 39: East Meets West

We had a lovely Sunday today.  We attended church with some friends from—guess where? Who are now living in SLC.  We were thrilled to see their beautiful home, meet their dachsies and see the nursery waiting and ready for the identical twin baby girls coming really any second now.  Did I mention SHE is an identical twin, and her identical twin sister had identical twin girls 6 years ago???

Pickle LOVED their dogs and the little one really loved her.

21Then we headed to friends we met back in Maryland!  Our girls get along swimmingly and it is so nice being in their stunning home.  It was Jenny’s birthday so we had some dessert with family and I got to give her sister the low down on a great visit to NYC in just a few weeks.

Since we’ve gotten here 4 SLC residents have offered us chicken salad sandwiches for a meal….I have never made it or served it to my children so they don’t know what is going on.  Apparently it’s a big hit in these parts. The chicken salad sandwich: who knew?  My kids think it too closely resembles tuna and will not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

25In other news, Pickle fell asleep in my arms at church for the first time, is waking up and SCREAMING bloody murder most nights now and I am so tired all I can do is put her in the bed with me until she starts rolling around so much that I have to put her back in her bed… and she has a new tooth.

I hope one day we are all sleeping completely through the night again. That would be so dreamy.

This is the second friend who has this print in her home–I quite like it:

I’m working on that all the time.


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