Day 38: East Meets West

This morning I spied dirty little toes and thought: This is Summer!

12We spent the morning swimming and two of my cousins showed up with all their kids.  Lolly loved their girls and we were so sad to part.

14But! We had some Utah adventures with some NYC friends in the afternoon.

17It was a huge barbecue with tons of new friends to meet and kids to play with and adventures to have.  We went on 4 wheelers for the first time and later I went on a doonbuggy adventure–I even drove it.  It was crazy.

16Phoebe screamed most of the time and Lolly just asked to turn around until we let them both take a turn driving! That was fun and very bumpy.  Check out Melissa with her belly and wind machine hair!

We met a baby named Pickle! Crazy!

Here we are–we started out just us 3 girls and Phoebe and then we grew to almost 11 kids now! Thanks Carrie Peterson for your photo skeelz!

19 11.15.52 AMI couldn’t leave without yarn bombing this beautiful yard!

I tell you, there is something about relationships when you are in the big city without any family–friends become family and the bonds last a life time.  It was so good to spend time with these families tonight!

And here are just some new Pickle faces that are pretty funny:


Guys…I’m back!


2 responses to “Day 38: East Meets West

  1. Wait…you met someone who seriously named their baby pickle?! Or you met a baby with the same real name as pickle? Please say the latter!!!

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