Day 37: East Meets West

The thing about Utah, is that I know a lot of people here! Family, friends, bloggers–goodness– A guy from Provo once colored my hair in NYC for a job I did there!  Usually when I head this way I don’t have much time to see people, but I have a few days before the CoReilly events begin, so I am making some rounds.

Today we had lunch with our master badge maker – KJ.  She showed Lolly a new knitting technique and played her old victrola for us–very cool.  The green jello was a hit.

6After that we hit the SLC Temple–it was an amazing day to go because we saw SO MANY newly married couples.  As we made our way around the temple a second time (we wanted to get a few looks at all of them), I recognized a bridesmaid in one of the wedding parties as one that was also in Samikas wedding!  So we convinced her and her sister (the bride) to pose in a pic with us!

7That afternoon we met up with some more NYC friends for some shaved ice.  There was even ice cream in the middle–first time having both cream and ice!

8That evening we crashed a wedding reception because another NYC friend’s sister was getting married and she wanted me to meet her family.  We all agreed it felt a little awkward to be there when we didn’t know the bride, but Lolly made herself right at home as a self-appointed flower girl and the girls were excited about the cake.

9I really tried to convince the girls to keep going to Provo for the outdoor rooftop concert, but they would not be convinced, so instead we hit one more temple (Mt. Timpanogos) and then crashed yet another party to see my cousin Katie.  As Phoebz saw the whole neighborhood gather for an outdoor movie, she told me she would definitely be needing therapy later for her lost childhood, because she had never experienced this neighborhood nirvana before!




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