Day 36: East Meets West

Miles: 6050

Haiku: Wonder of the world
Lolly thought it was freaky
Mighty grand canyon.

Temples: 13

5I got through Day 36! As I was getting dressed, I reached for the crazy mu-mu we bought on Day 16 in Reno–to help brighten my mood and energize me.

45    We drove from St. George to the Manti Temple after a quick stop for some Wendy’s (our first Wendy’s on the road trip–pretty good!).  It was a beautiful temple with a really cool view from across the street.  There was a soft serve drive through nearby so I had my first soft serve twist of the summer for $.99

This is America.


In Manhattan it would have been $3.25 at least.

1After that we drove to my friend Theresa’s house–she served us the most fresh and delicious CPK-inspired BBQ Chicken Salad. It was so wonderful to eat homemade food and see our friends from NYC. If you haven’t caught on yet, a lot of friends from NYC have moved to the WEST!

2I still don’t get it.  Maybe after this trip I will. Her baby is 6 months old!

It was really windy in Spanish Fork:

4We ended the night back at the Lynches house for some MUCH NEEDED rest.  I slept so well on EVENING 36.  The saddest part of today? Samika left us….boo.



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