Day 36: East Meets Crazytown

What is going on?

My Pickle screamed on and off for 3 hours in the middle of the night last night!  I have been craving a good night’s sleep for a week and I have yet to get it!  I am so frustrated and I am starting to have those: I DON’T LIKE YOU feelings for my baby already!  She’s TRYING my Road Trip Warrior Mama Patience—which is quite thin at present.

Starting today we are going down the ROAD TO COCO’S WEDDING! Please let us get there with spirits still high!

I need a nap and a massage and a home cooked meal…..all of which seem far in the distance.


Send help. Love, me



2 responses to “Day 36: East Meets Crazytown

  1. I love seeing Gary Ford in the background of your distressed portrait. All will be well. You will soon be surrounded by even more loved ones.

  2. Oh sweet friend. You’ll get there and it’ll be OK :)

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