Day 35: East Meets West

Miles: 5716

Today’s adventure was a day trip to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Sheesh! Only 7 in the world and one in the USA, we HAD to see it on the Road Trip.  In fact, I was maybe just going to see Zion or Bryce Canyon, but my cousin, whose house we are staying with in St. George, told me I had to see the Grand Canyon because after all, this is an epic road trip.

39The 3 hour drive wasn’t bad, in fact it became rather green as we neared the GC.  We stopped at the North Rim which for some reason in my reading I gathered that it was the less spectacular of the GC Viewing options…but it was the only option for us.

The Grand Canyon was so massive.  I’m not sure Grand is the exact right name to describe her.  She goes on and on and so deep.  We took a little hike so that we could really experience it.  It was high. I am really glad we had had our Wind Caves hike experience because it gave me confidence as I looked down into the depths of the canyon.  It seemed a little foggy or something which surprised us, and I expected her to be red, but the over all color I left with was blue (maybe because I had sunglasses on?) Sam took a few pix for us:

41We spent a good amount of time exploring and taking pictures and then headed back.  I saw a sign for Colorado City, and as I have followed many of the news offerings that come out of there, I decided to turn in that direction and do a little exploring.  It didn’t take long to see the women and children who live in the YFZ Polygamist colony walking and driving about.  It was surreal to see their long dresses and their intricate braids in person.  I was hoping I would find neat, modest, tidy, organized homes/compounds.  That was not the case.

My overall impression while driving around was that this is a community that is in squalor and disarray.  There were so many houses that were obviously being lived in and yet had not been complete.  It was like a perfect structure complete with windows and doors and fences, and yet the outside was just not finished—rough wood with no aesthetic at all.  It made the buildings look dirty and unsafe—I have no idea if the interiors were better, but the outside was awful.  We saw no yards or public parks, no artwork or signs… it was even lacking in paved roads.  It made me feel so sad for the people who are born there and never see anything else.  And it is in the middle of nowhere–it would be very difficult to escape just given the location alone.

We left promptly.

Next stop was to continue our temple crawl.  We arrived at the St. George Temple just as the sun was dipping behind it, so the lighting was really pretty.

40Sam took some snaps:


It was a good day on the road trip: Tummies feeling better, company was a great…the only cranky one was me.  A good night’s sleep will help.


2 responses to “Day 35: East Meets West

  1. Hi Kristy,

    I am a friend of your sister’s from high school and have been following your blog because I have also been on an epic road trip this summer. We’ve visited a lot of the same places!

    I was in Colorado City a few weeks ago. Super creepy. I heard they intentionally do not finish their homes because they don’t have to pay property taxes. They also collect lots of government aid because on paper, it looks like many single mothers are living there. They call it “bleeding the beast” and are proud of how good they are at getting money from the government.

    Hope you can get a good night’s sleep soon!!!

  2. Helen Knowles

    The first time I saw the Grand Canyon all I could say was “there is a God”. We drove through Colorado City years ago, but it didn’t look as bad as you are describing – only noticable site was there was not one person out and about – now that was quite strange. Glad you made it to St. George. Sorry you missed Bryce Canyon and Zion (we stayed there for a night) – beautiful.

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