Day 34: East Meets West

Miles: 5410

States: 14

Haiku: We forget–we gotta get back in our VAN groove

Musical: Also forgot

So my Orange, California stop did not turn out exactly the way I planned it.  That being said, I knew there would be mischief that would befall me on this trip that I did not exactly plan, and this stop on the road trip was a fine example of that.

Stomach Flu was not on my itinerary.  And yes, all 4 of us got it.  Sleep was not abounding on this leg of my road trip…I am looking forward to a good nights rest soon.

My last night there I didn’t sleep extremely well because I was excited about getting on the road again.  We got an early start and picked up our Samika to continue our journey!

First stop: Vegas.

An impromptu song about Sin City erupted in the van as we exited the highway to THE STRIP:

It was hotter than Hades in Vegas, so we stayed inside as much as possible….eating lunch at Max Brenner (no chocolate or candy on our waffles please, though Lolly opted for whipped cream–their bellies were still recovering), shopped at H &M (student id discount of 15% right now–AWESOME!) and saw the Bellagio fountains.  At the Vegas Temple, everyone was too hot to leave the car but Sam and me.

33Cute stuff huh?

After that we rushed to St. George because we had show tickets at 8:45.  The worst part was that we forgot about the time change, so we arrived with 30 minutes to get our act together.

The babysitter showed up for Pickle just as Lolly realized she had an orthodontic situation.  Upon which, the babysitter suggested we go two doors down to a member of my cousin’s congregation (whose home we were staying in) who is an orthodontist.  Lolly and I knocked on his door, told our story and that we had no time to deal with this but could he help? Right then and there he put on some gloves, got a tool from his non-orthodontic tool kit, and removed the bracket from her baby tooth that had become loose, then removed the bracket from the wire AS her tooth fell out of her head and bled all over her face.

Thank you, nice to meet you, clearly he was a good Christian man for just servicing us like that with little explanation—I need to thank him properly when I get home.

The show!

One of our favorite babysitters stars as MILLIE in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Tuacahn: an outdoor theatre set in the red rocks of St. George. She was stellar…we are SO HAPPY we got to see her!  I met a blog reader too–Hi Laurell!

35It was a late night, crazy day and totally worth it.  We saw stars on the stage and in the sky! So beautiful.


4 responses to “Day 34: East Meets West

  1. Oh my! The orthodontist part of this story is too much! Love it!

  2. So fun to have met you and your girls! You are an inspiration of life and energy….Thank you for letting me peek into your life via your blog. :)

  3. “this is worse than Detroit” hahahahahhaha BEST.

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