Day 33: East Meets West

Stop the presses! The Posse is dropping like flies. Last night at 10:30 Phoebe started and then as she was just finishing up her 7th round, Lolly started at 3 AM. They are taking turns puking in bowls while I snooze for a few minutes in between episodes.

32We are beyond devastated that today was our Disneyland day. We are trying to count our blessings like:

Thankful this wasn’t in a hotel somewhere.

Thankful it didn’t happen while in the car driving.

Grateful for our friends who have been so accomodating taking care of us, buying us crackers and ginger ale. One of their 6 got it too, we are hoping the rest can withstand!

It’s an 8-hour horrific experience. It’s 4:30 Am here and I am afraid Lolly has a ways to go….

Someday we will look back and laugh and say: remember that epic road trip we took and we all got the stomach flu and couldn’t go to Disneyland?

But that day is not today.
Wish us luck.

44 I left some Yarn Bomb Love in Orange.


One response to “Day 33: East Meets West

  1. Oh yucky. I hope everyone feels better. That really stinks it happened on Disneyland day. That is one of my favorite places. Take care!

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