Day 32: East Meets West

Well friends, it turns out Pickle’s vomit episode from Thursday night is a stomach bug.  I did indeed throw up after all that soda, for hours and hours and hours.  But! I knew I had to carry out our Sunday plans because it involved seeing family and friends here in California.

38We started by visiting Great Grandma Kit and a few of her sons (our Grandpa Lou’s brothers) at her senior living center.  A photo of her and her deceased husband are the cover of the website and she has negotiated $100- off her rent a month for that usage! Nice work Grandma!

After that we headed to church.  By that time I was really feeling spent from puking until 4 AM, so we reunited with Samika so that they could watch my kids while I took a much needed nap.  I felt so much better after that and was ready to face the afternoon.

First we went to see our old neighbors from when we were growing up in Chicagoland…who live in socal now:

BJ has such an open-hearted nature and treated the girls like they were her own…as a result Pickle took right to her and Lolly made herself at home, even disappearing for a minute and returning with a nectarine in hand—help yourself Lolly! I apologized for raising Hooligans.

For dinner we visited my cousin and his family.  They made us a feast, which I ate as many bites of as I could with my still sensitive stomach, and then finished the night with smores and sparklers! Why not!?

I pray that nobody caught the stomach bug from me.  I am glad I got through the day, it was worth it.


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