Day 29: East Meets West

Today we said goodbye to our friends and hello to our friends.  We made the hand off at Manhattan Beach, which is fitting since we all met in New York City and have had many adventures both in Manhattan and Manhattan Beach.

We reached the edge of America!

22Seen at Manhattan Beach:
Doubt it.

It was surreal having the whole crew together.  These are the original New York babies:
17And now we are this many–Yes, I am behind by 1 baby:
17ASeen at Manhattan Beach: Tea for 6.
19A little piece of crazy to remind me of home!
Seen at Manhattan Beach: Fun through the cold weather:
20On the way to Carrie’s house we saw our first (and turns out only on the whole trip) Muffler Man:
18More on Muffler Men (and women) here.

We had Mom’s Dinner out and I had the most delicious salad–ate every bite of it at Rutebagorz.

The girls camped outside and had a great time:21

And then as I was retiring, I found a Pickle soiled in the most Vomit I have ever seen exit a baby’s body.  She spent the next 5 hours dry heaving every 40 minutes or so, so I got no sleep.  Thankfully it did not happen in the car and thankfully I am not driving tomorrow.

She’s feeling much better after a rough night:

Today’s badge brought to you by Ariel and Steve:


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