Day 27: East Meets West

Today was an amazing day in Westwood Village and HOLLYWOOD!

We started out with some delicious pizza at 800 Degrees–I had the BLT which involved bacon marmalade—wow!  For dessert we went to Diddy Riese to get ice cream sandwich cookies—whoa tiger, that was rich.

11After that we continued our temple crawl with the LA Temple.

12 Wow—what a huge piece of land it’s on!  We took some pix and then visited the visitor’s center where we saw MANY familiar faces.  We are pointing to all our friends from back home in NYC!

13My favorite part of the day was seeing the Granny Square Yarn-Bombed  Craft and Folk Art Museum of LA.  I want to move to LA just so that I can be part of the Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) a group of guerrilla knitters yarnbombing LA.  The building had 8,000 granny squares from 500 participants, 49 states and 25 countries around the world!

10I decided to yarn bomb the planter with a swatch that looked VERY similar to the succulents it held.  I’m told someone inside the museum spied on me while I did it…hope they don’t take it off! You can barely tell it’s there from the photo.

We visited Knit Culture Studio and I was very impressed with the selection and organization.  I bought some koigu to add to my koigu stash…I love making mixed koigu cowls.

14Lolly wanted to see the HOLLYWOOD sign…unfortunately she fell asleep in the car so just Phoebz and I hopped out for the photo op! Hooray for Hollywood!

15On the way home there was a HUGE fire along the highway– the flames were an orange color I had really never seen before.  A highway cop stopped us and we watched helicopters fly over it and put it out…it was way fun/cool/scary/awesome.

Tonight we just hung out in the hot tub and enjoyed the ridiculously amazing weather that the Posse brought to California! Your welcome!

We are at the halfway point of our road trip! Today’s badge brought to you by KJ:



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