Day 26: East Meets West

Today was a great day just hanging out at the pool.  We took a break to go to Bob’s Big Boy and then met up with a few friends from our NYC days…it was great seeing her and her little kids.

Pickle is addicted to nursing and she is a total water baby, so naturally her new favorite activity is to nurse whilst in the water…

6Highlight of today: singing karaoke with these girls— a happy place I don’t visit often enough!

7There were many highlights to the night.  I think I loved every single song that was sung.  Regulate, Ring the Alarm, Zombie, and on and on and on.  It was a whole lot of karaoke goodness.

8I loved that I got to sing Enough is Enough again….best. duet. ever.




One response to “Day 26: East Meets West

  1. Well you know how happy I am to have made East Meets West, since I’m obsessed with (and inspired by) your trip. I am SO HAPPY I saw you and your girls. Made my week :). Enjoy the rest of Socal.

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