Day 24: East Meets West

We had such a wonderful time in Nocal.  Seeing friends and seeing the sights was a great chapter of our road trip.  Today we headed out around 7:30 (that was truly a miracle) and headed South.  Our first stop was the Oakland Temple.  I am so glad we stopped here.  The campus was extensive with not only the temple but a church building and visitors center.  The grounds had the most beautiful collection of trees and roses.  I think this is the first we have seen with such gorgeous landscaping.  I heard there was a roof deck on this temple, but unfortunately it was closed due to some construction, so we could only see the outside.  This too looked like it should be somewhere other than America…just like so many scenes in Northern California.

1We hit the road in ernest afer that and by the time we hit our first Gas stop (which was soon because I started with a quarter tank), it was hot.  6 hours went by quickly for me.  The girls played I SPY (in the van only) with Jennika and Sam played Kids Bop so that we could “make fun of it” and then we listened to some This American Life to get us through the last leg.  I ate Baja Fresh for the first time and found it to be delicious.  There were so many farms on this leg, but they looked different from the middle of America…more trees.

2Finally we arrived at my friend’s house in Socal.  I hadn’t seen her new house since the move–had only heard about it! The house definitely exceeded the hype!  Pickle was in heaven with the dogs and cats, Lolly loved the chicken and both girls just went straight for the pool!

Pickle and her new baby friend didn’t waste time with suits and swim diapers, they just happily played their little hearts out.  Pickle did some standing with no hands in the pool too!

After dinner we had a special visitor from the genius behind BAKE YOU HAPPY and ate delicious treats–I hadn’t had the chocolate chip cookies yet–oh. my. delicious. word. (as Grandma Shirley used to say)3After viewing Life of Pi (hadn’t seen it yet—excellent book-into-movie) we bedded down.  Pickle even got a little pillow–she loved it.  We slept well at the Castle, I mean, Casa.


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