Day 23: East Meets West

I am sure there is WAY more I could have seen of San Francisco, but I had the most lovely day today.
A4Here’s what we did. We saw the Painted Ladies…see our Full House opening here.  I parallel parked the car UP HILL in one try-I was awesome.  We then walked to Ike’s Place and had delicious sandwiches.

After lunch in Dolores Park, we went shopping…Oh my amazing independent stores.  We did all kinds of spontaneous semi-craziness.  We spent a lot of time in an alley with cool graffiti…I saw that someone had yarn bombed a gate there, so I added to it.
A3The first yarn store I stopped at was Princess Animal–could you die over the name?  There was a special Princess Animal colorway there that I wanted to buy-white, black, hot pink and sparkle–but I had recently received a budget warning from the Financial Manager of East Meets West, so I just bought some embroidery floss I had never seen before.  Kathy, the owner was way cool and had awesome books including Knitted Meerkats.
AWe shopped around Valencia Street and found so many cool shops I can’t even begin to write about all of them…I’ll just do what I love and post my fave snaps:

There was a really cool photobooth at Dijitalfix and also an interesting photobooth set up at Betabrand–we did both!  Lolly collected giant leaves, a snail (that I accidentally stepped on later) and a 5 dollar bill during our walk today!

A2The second yarnbomb was outside of another yarn store called Imagiknit.  I spied some yarnbombing on the bike rack out front, so I decided to add to it.  A crazy local did some serious examining of that after we walked away.

We basically spent an entire afternoon in a very small area and so I did not get to know San Francisco like I should have…but I don’t regret one second of my time here–I’ll be back.

Here are a few goodies I picked up today to help me remember my trip:

A6Our hosts in San Fran were SO hospitable…we tried to thank them by providing Indian Food for dinner and a bag of Belly Flops from the Jelly Belly Factory!

San Francisco I love you——-!!!!!


One response to “Day 23: East Meets West

  1. I’m just getting home now and catching up on your trip. How fun to see you in our place, I so wish I could have been there when you were here. Such bad timing for me. But I will call you sometime–when I see you’re home or something. I did learn that your friend Carrie does a Mood Fabric network that my sister Haylee is also doing. My sister also sews. I just saw her face and thought she looked familiar. Funny, small world!

    I love seeing all the pictures of you in San Francisco. You did a ton, though I’m not surprised. How fun to see your girls. I’m glad you say you’ll be back. That is GREAT news for me!! P.S. and I agree about the whack job of public transportation!!

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