Day 22: East Meets West

When I was a girl, my family went on a road trip.  We stopped at Mt. Rushmore and hiked up to it.  It was foggy that day and we asked everyone we saw: Where is it?

Everyone gestured in front of us and said: It’s RIGHT THERE.  We tried with all our might to see it through the fog. We were mighty disappointed, couldn’t even see an outline.  We returned on our trip back home and when we saw it, we found our behavior the first time to be very ridiculous.  It was indeed RIGHT THERE.

I had a Mt. Rushmore moment today at the Golden Gate Bridge in SAN FRANCISCO.

There it is.

We spent the rest of the day looking around at the touristy things one looks at in San Fran.  I especially loved seeing the Sea Lions at Pier 39:
A5Fascinating…they smell so bad!

We spent the whole day walking around the city. We saw so much.  My impressions: clean, European or Non-American, Architecture, Whack Job Public Transportation.

Today’s memories:

I liked the salt water taffy-surprising
I love the architecture
This is a colorful city
I like the doors-so many cool doors
Seriously-what’s up with the buses attached to the wires–I just kept imagining those during Hurricane Sandy
So much seafood
WHY is it so cold? But I like it….
18I like San Fran Chinatown better than NYC
Seems low on the arts and public art
Lombard Street-why? And the houses were so gorg, but would I want to live there with all those tourists?
So hilly-I thought this would be a good running city but then what about the hills?
My girls found friendship bracelets at a street vendor with ALL THEIR NAMEs—wonder of wonders….
Bushman–Who knew?

We had really delicious Mexican food for dinner tonight at The Taco Shop at Underdogs and I got my San Fran souvenir at Goorin Brothers.

IMG_7988This is my GB Hat with Lombard Street WAY back there and my favorite trees of the day.

Today’s Merit Badge brought to you by AME:


One response to “Day 22: East Meets West

  1. San Fran in July? Don’t forget your coat!

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