13 Months


It’s the 18th ya’ll! Pickle is 13 months old.  She has 6 teeth–2 which cut on the same day on the road trip–and a new word in the rotation:


She uses it in the correct context and I love it the most when she causes the Uh-Oh, on purpose, so that she can say it.  She’s still talking a crazy jibberish language to animals when she encounters them and uses multiple objects, including her own hand, as a phone.


This week her variation on Hi, was Die! Die! Die!

She has also been using Mama a bit more….and I think she is starting to associate that sound with me.

Her sisters were walking by 13 months! She was my earliest mobile milestoner so I am pretty surprised she can’t walk yet, and is not showing super strong signs that she will start….like I highly doubt she will be walking by 14 months.  Lolly says: “MOM! She isn’t walking because you NEVER put her down.”

Which isn’t true, but it has been more difficult for her to find her floor time while on the road trip.  We are trying our best to let her move and explore, this past week she stood from a squatting position several times while playing in the grass.

Whenever we practice walking she does a lot of large steps/tippy-toe action….so she is still working on her technique.

She needs a haircut.  She has started to brush her hair out of her eyes when it’s bugging her.


She is a boob addict. She wants to touch them, suck on them and have her hand down my shirt whenever possible.  It’s a situation.

She is crossing her pointer and middle finger again now that the accident is in the rearview mirror.  I think it’s pretty adorbs.

She loves blueberries and lately, shredded wheat.

She is so spoiled and our baby and we lurv the pickle.


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