Day 20: East Meets West

Today we went to Muir Woods. I’m in awe.
8I can’t even believe this is real-I thought this was in someone’s imagination.
9Then we visited Gotts and Oxbow Market, which reminded me of home a little bit (Chelsea Market).  We tried some cupcakes and they were ALMOST as good as Sprinkles, but not quite.
10The evening ended with some time outside in the yard, refreshing smoothies and a trip to the grocery store. I spent some time knitting tonight too, which I needed very much.  We are having such a great time here and our friends seem to be too–we are extending are trip a tiny bit, so they are either really good fakers, or having as much fun as we are!

Video here.


2 responses to “Day 20: East Meets West

  1. No faking from our crew – loving the whole thing :) My goal is to convert you all to our Green Valley ways :)

  2. Helen Knowles

    Isn’t Muir Woods one of the most beautiful places you’ve been to? I wished I could have spent days there.

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