Day 19: East Meets West

Sara hit it out of the ballpark today with the sites we saw.  The day began with a 3 mile run with Jennika through the valley near Sara’s house…including a view of vineyards and the beautiful low-lying mountains.  After we were all ready to face the day, we headed to the Sculpture Ranch of Phillip Glasshoff.  Oh. My. Amazing.


Let’s start with the animals.

Greco the great dane followed us around and Pickle wanted all eyes on him the entire time, and really wanted to pet him, but always freaked out a little when he got in her business.  She started doing a little clicking noise with her lips to call him.  He peed on my car tire. I didn’t care.  Look how big he is.
5And the most beautiful, endearing, I-now-want-one Scottish Highland Cattle!  They mooed and gathered and walked and jogged and the babies were the softest most adorable and inspiring animals!  And there was a zebra, and lamas and a horse and a few donkeys.

Now let’s talk about the sculptures. There was too much to take in. Each was made with so much metal and detail and creativity.  The whole thing was too much to take.  I took some shots of some of my favorites.  I want a Glasshoff when I get a house someday. I must save (and save and save).
2I truly cannot do these justice through photographs, BEING there is the thing. That owl!

After we sufficiently had our minds blown, we went to Larry’s Produce and I got ALL. THIS. FRUIT for $10.22 (Honey, don’t look for this amount on the ledger, I paid cash).  This would cost me at LEAST 20 if not 25 bucks in NYC.
3We had delicious Mexican off a taco truck there and died over the beautiful flowers you could pick yourself in the neighboring field.  Our afternoon plans got a little turned around when the Aquatic Center ended up being closed, so we took a little stop at Manka’s Corner where we found a few treasures to take home.

This afternoon Pickle communed with nature (her favorite thing) and just decided to start popping up into a standing position.  Her sisters were both walking by 13 months, which for her is in a few days—not sure that will be happening.  Lolly says it’s because I never put her down, which is NOT true. EVIDENCE:

6And then tonight Sara and I went to dinner, and this happened (a tribute to Chat n Chew):

7Sara said the reason this WHOLE ROAD TRIP had to happen was for THIS MOMENT.  And she’s right.  I have never felt more IN THE MOMENT than I have on this trip.  And the GREATEST MOMENT EVER pile just keeps getting higher and higher!


One response to “Day 19: East Meets West

  1. Go Pickle!

    Also! That DOG!

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