Day 18: East Meets West

Miles: 4109

Haiku: Everyone slept the
Whole way to fairfield cali
so we wrote nothing

The hardest [planned] part (and I planned it this way so I knew it would be hard) of East Meets West was conquered today!  The baby alarm woke me at 4:11 AM, and then the Siri alarm woke us at 5 AM.  I am so proud of my crew [The Bigs and Samika] because we had taken down, cleaned up, packed up and shipped out to the car by 5:30.  We had 15 minutes to repack everything, go to the bathroom and brush teeth.  Sam even found me a route that cut a half hour from the original one I had chosen.

34The tire pressure low light came on so we checked that out but figured it was just the cold air.  That was a tiny MOMENT though because I had planned everything to be very tight.

Pickle was out of sorts so we decided Sam should drive, and I have to say I am a little disappointed it went that way because I did not drive us over the state line to California! After ALL THAT DRIVING it wasn’t me!  The grand finale (ish) of East Meets West– and I was holding Pickle’s hand! However, I have to say, after Kansas, Utah and Wyoming (and we’ll throw Nevada in there too), the drive into Northern California truly was a grand finale.  The trees that can only be described as majestic just tower over you and humble you into knowing through your whole self that you are just a bitty thing, and to calm down already.  I kinda fell in love with Tahoe and Nocal on that drive.

We arrived at church a half hour early which was NOT what I had planned so I was super stoked to have that much time to change –we all road in PJS mostly because it was freezing.  Everyone immediately thought something was UP with where we were, but I was just focused on getting everybody changed and ready to go.

32When it was finally 9, I walked into a chapel sparsely populated with Mongolian people and so I approached the missionaries and asked if they knew the family I was looking for, only to find that we were at the “Mong Branch”.  So, we stayed for about 20 minutes so that we could take the Sacrament in Mongolian and then after a series of texts between us, drove to find Sara at the CORRECT building.


This mistake brought to you by LDS.ORG.

It ended up being cool though because it turns out that my Sister and her Fiance served 4 months of their mission in that same building, so we had a little moment of reflection when we found that out.  We spent the afternoon with our friends in Northern California! Sara and I went on a walk among vineyards and mountains and COOL AIR.  It is very beautiful here and the first time since I have left New York 18 days ago that I thought—I wouldn’t mind trying this out.


The kids played and played and played….there was an instant friend connection, in fact I haven’t really heard from my kids all day.  And this moment, THIS DAY was the original start of the road trip planning-I was originally going to fly here and then drive down the coast, but instead I drove here, which feels very empowering! Ah Bessie…’re doing good-a very reliable minivan.

The girls earned their camping badge today, courtesy of me:

31PS. My Sister, who served a mission in this area, corrected me and said it is the Hmong Branch. Hmong! Who knew? Not me.   Here are some LDS Hmong people in action.


4 responses to “Day 18: East Meets West

  1. You and Sara look SO pretty!! Welcome to our coast. I still remember putting my feet in the pacific ocean when I drove cross country for the first time. It was so awesome. :) Love following your adventures.

  2. PS – If you want to try a Ladybug Music (the class I teach) cd for the car ride at some point, let me know and I can try to send you one.

  3. Cocoshirley

    1. I seriously am still dying that you were in that building. Not only is that where we served together for 4 months. But that is ALSO the building we were at when we went back together in December where all the magic started happening haha its like OUR SPOT! So glad you are loving it up there. I wasnt just being a crazy RM when I was telling you guys NO THIS PLACE IS AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL!!!
    2. Hmong people speak Hmong hahah No Hmong people live in Mongolia nor would THEY understand Mongolian. Its okay. it just made me laugh.
    3. You are seriously making me jealous. Im almost sweating.

    • Omg court I am way embarrassed– I clearly just heard him say Mong (thought that was derogatory to shorten it but everybody seemed down with it) and filled in gaps… I’ll change it

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