Day 17: East Meets West

Miles: 3959

Haiku: Junkee was awesome
slots, casinos, cray-cray peops
Sam and Jen are fun.

States: 11

When I planned the road trip it was pretty surreal sitting at my desk and dreaming up which stops we would take. I’m not sure what exactly I was thinking when I planned today… but this is how it all shook out:


After a delicious breakfast at Kimmie’s, (where the wait staff wore t shirts, cropped jeans, low top grey converse and flower print aprons-LOVE!) we headed to Virginia City.  Since we are now officially on a temple crawl of the USA, we made a tiny pit stop to the Reno Temple–with it’s pretty cool view and bright hot sun.


The drive! As we were approaching we just kept going up and up and up the mountain and the road was super windy just like on our way to Logan, only it was ON TOP of the mountain and NOT BELOW.  I was getting progressively anxious and Sam was laughing, so we traded spots–MUCH BETTER.


I cannot remember how I found Virginia City and picked it as a destination, and I don’t know that I need to go back again…but it was definitely something different from anything I had experienced before…which is the point of East Meets West!


We parked and immediately a local zipped up in his cart and asked if we would like a ride to town.  He took us straight to the Visitor’s Center.  From there we met Diamond Jim and Ken who pushed tickets to the trolley and the wild west show on us.  We decided to experience Virginia City on foot.  We took a walk and observed all the different stores and bars and photo salons and tourists.  I still don’t quite know what to think of what I saw.  My favorite stop was at the Bucket of Blood Saloon where a lovely lady from the East was playing all sorts of tunes on her piano.  I sang with her too!

I wish I could have afforded a sitting with all of us in a Wild West tableau…I might have splurged if I hadn’t forgotten my wallet in the car.  My impression of Viriginia City was: cool idea, but really pushy on the tourists and in general very touristy.  A few gems: The lady playing the piano, the guy walking in his long johns pulling a mules behind him, the bottles on the trees where I yarnbombed.


I also regret not trying the donuts.

After our brief visit to Virginia City (by the way, whenever Phoebz complains about her new school, I am going to say these 4 words: Virginia City Middle School,) we finally headed to tonight’s destination.  I have heard of Lake Tahoe, and so when I saw it on the map, I knew I wanted to orchestrate a camping trip for the girls. Yes, I have lugged our camping gear across America for this one night.  The girls were SO disappointed that we would be missing our congregation’s camp out due to the road trip, so I wanted them to have one campout this summer. Lake Tahoe it is! Go big–or go home!


As I did more research on the campsite I picked, I knew I would have to cancel this if Samika did not join me. I was right.  It was a walk-in campsite up a steep little hike….I needed them.


Lake Tahoe-oh my! Did you KNOW about Lake Tahoe? It is so beautiful. There are tall majestic trees surrounding the area and this huge lake of the bluest water you ever did see!  We set up camp and then headed to the beach for a few hours of enjoyment. The water was cold but refreshing in small doses…the sand was sand…I liked it because it wasn’t sticky and salty.  After some fun in the sun (as “they” say) we had dinner at the restaurant-not that good-but EASIER than figuring out a campfire dinner.

We headed back up to camp, smore’d it up and then went to bed!  Pickle slept her a snowsuit on the floor right next to me.  It was a cold night and we both woke up a few times but-we got through it!

Today’s badge brought to you by Kalita:



2 responses to “Day 17: East Meets West

  1. oh kristy! i love, love, love tahoe! i lived in reno for 8 yrs (now in sacramento) and tahoe was our summer spot. beautiful lake, great beaches. glad you got to visit it!

  2. Sounds like all of your weeks of intense planning has paid off. I can’t believe how long you’ve traveled and had such a smooth ride in every way.

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