Day 16: East Meets West

Alert! Look at the header!! (yes it feels that crowded too)

Miles: 3835

Haiku: We are fam-ih-ly
Sam, Jennika, Coh-Reilly
Can’t wait til August!

This morning, as we were getting ready to leave, bright and early for our 8 hour journey, there was a knock at the door!  It was Sam and Jennika asking if they could join our road trip!

18We left right away and started the long drive.  The first half was rather quiet as almost everybody slept.  I enjoyed the drive out of Utah by the Great Salt Lake and I noticed the Morton Salt Factory and a lot of crazy sandy salty stuff (I think this is called Salt Flats, which seems appropriate because it’s salty and flat).


ball treeAt one rest stop, people were out in it, and it looked like they were looking for stuff.  It was intriguing.  The most interesting sight from Utah to Nevada was a tennis ball tree thingy.  I also thought it was interesting that the PRISON AREA-HITCHHIKING PROHIBITED sign was right next to a sign that said Independence Valley. Oh, the irony.


We finally made it to Reno and decided we should check out that sign about it being the Biggest Little City….we ventured downtown and walked around a bit.  We saw a little street fair with some interesting street fair-y folks…had some lemonades and corndogs and discussed why there were so many casinos around.


The weather was excellent.  I loved all the motel signage.  One was called the Ho-Hum Motel.


On the way back to our hotel we had to stop at Junkee because the signage was so great.  We are so glad we did.  We barely touched one rack of clothes and found the cutest stuff for NOTHING.  The owner was so cool and fun, she let us shop in her kids store, Sippees, across the street even though it had been closed up for the night.  It was beautiful and smelled like strawberries.  We had a great time picking out some treasures.


Next door was Happy Happy Joy Joy–more treasures!


Okay, but here is the impression of Reno that will last forever: the folks here are nice. Like not questionably insincere “you’re fine” nice…but like open, friendly, want-to-have-a-conversation-with-you, take part in your adventure, shoot the breeze nice nice. Like….I have driven across America now and this spot has really proven to be a hospitable, nice, kind bunch. Thanks for everything Reno!


Today’s Musical: Beauty and the Beast


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