Day 15: East Meets West

Miles: 3306

Haiku: We forgot to write one today.

Can we all just take a moment and be sad about leaving our Family…who sent us off with a group hug and a WE ARE FAMILY dance?

12Today’s journey was brief. Pickle slept the whole way! Wonder of Wonders! Miracle of Miracles!

My favorite part of today’s drive was seeing this:


We spent the day with Whitlee who helped execute the lovely header up above after Angela illustrated it!

13We met her brand new baby boy who is sweet as can be!  Her first baby boy, who I have decided will be marrying Pickle, has gotten so big. They all have June birthdays so it is quite poignant to see the three of them together.

11We have begun a tradition on the Road Trip, and that is to stop at nearby temples.  Today we saw Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain Temples:

14Today was also free slurpee day at 711, so we went to get one of those!


The rain continues to follow us.  We had some drizzle today.  The kids loved running around in it.


Tonight we finished some of our yarnbombing and rested for our BIG driving day tomorrow.  There is a great surprise in store for the Posse tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight.


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