Day 14: East Meets West

Today’s Haiku:

One point eight miles long
Hiking the windcaves? Worth it.
We were all troopers.

Guys, we are IN. THE. WEST.


Today was catch up on my physical fitness day.  I haven’t really worked out (definitely) since the road trip started and also before that.  Today I ran 3 miles with Jenn and a friend through a cool/crazy/rocky little trail and just tried not to trip and hurt myself.

7Right after that we headed to Cache National Forest for a hike up to the windcaves.  It was hard! The altitude was hard on our lungs, but we got used to it after a while and were all really glad that we had stayed committed and made it to the cave!  Pickle slept the whole way up and quite enjoyed the journey down.  I think she loved riding on the back…much like the African baby she watches in her BABIES movie (at 1:27)

8The view was out of this world… the pix can’t really do it justice.  It was 1.8 miles up and then the same 1.8 miles down.  My girls were warriors!

4After our morning of fun it was time to catch up on some logistics. First I showered, because I hadn’t showered since the evening of Day 11.  I started smelling like a homeless person who then ran 3 miles and hiked 4 more–it was something special.

Then I cleaned the clothes!  Laundromat–good times—it’s been a long time since I laundromatted.  Finally I gave Bessie a proper cleaning inside and out.  She looks like a new woman.6Pickle has a new word that she repeats over and over again: Uh-Oh.  We found another temple–only 1 of 8 without the Angel Moroni.  The girls initiated Reilly into the Uncle club and I ate a well-earned Pork Salad at Cafe Rio. Delicioso!

9I had a nice chat with the leader of my Northern California stop, and I am so happy for all the plans she has made–but! more adventure awaits us between now and then….and a good sleep.


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