Day 13: East Meets West

Miles: 3141

Today’s Haiku: Grandma and Grandpa
Missionaries in Action
Rattlesnakes Beware

2Okay I’m gonna be honest.  We had a hard time sleeping last night.  The girls were freaked out and thus slept right on top of me.  Then Pickle joined the clump around 2 am.  By 5:21 AM we had had enough of trying to sleep all on one single bed (we pushed the two single beds together to make a king because the air conditioner was in one room and the next room over had flannel sheets on the bed and it felt 95 degrees!)….the girlies wanted to be TOUCHING me, so nobody would spread out on our makeshift king bed.

wy5By 6 AM we were on the road….of course we yarnbombed the sign outside our mobile home motel before we left.  I was so grateful that my phone was working because my GPS did not work at all today.  I was unsure about which road to start on so Jason helped me from his desk at work!

wy6Wyoming is something serious.  It’s so remote, especially at 6 AM.  It is so beautiful and epic but feels a little scary.  The first half I had no idea when I would be able to get gas, but ended up stopping in Farson, WY (population 313).  The air there was so sweet–clear, smelled so good, I loved it.  There was some crazy dirt road action that was a bother, especially when two of us on the road were following close by each other, and a construction worker stopped me after letting him go and then told me it would be a 10 minute wait.  I betcha the truck didn’t have a baby in his car who hates stopping!

The last leg of our trip was windy.  Bear Lake was beautiful but the roads through Cache Forest did a number on Lolly’s stomach.  But! We made it!

There were some yarnbomb swatches waiting for us and family too!  I took a look at my little Honda and there was QUITE a blood bath.  I hit a bird, and almost hit about 7 different chipmunky-type animals.  I think I held my breath for about 100 miles as I passed through all of this OPEN RANGE madness.  Antelope, Cows….so many critters.  Seeing the baby cows and their mamas were our favorite.

1We celebrated Jenn’s birthday tonight by going to eat at Noodles.  Lolly did some yarnbombing in town with a swatch she knitted herself!  Very cool.

3I feel tired.  I will rest and rejuvenate here.  This is America.


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