Day 12: East Meets West

Miles: 2825

Today’s Haiku:
City of Denver
Uh, Not what we expected
Druggies Everywhere

Monday morning we woke bright and early, and headed down to the car.  The Bell Hop was so sweet, he loaded the entire back of the van in a perfect tetris cubic system, but none of it was in the right spot, so I had to redo the whole thing! Phoebe jumped right in and helped to organize all the different spots in the van that needed it, and Jason looked on with pride (right honey?)

We said goodbye to Jason and headed to WYOMING!

Wyoming is crazy.  It is like a huge vast land….I kept feeling like it was Kansas’ older brother.  Many similar components, but bigger and vaster and taller and brighter.  I actually really enjoyed the drive up.  We stopped in Rawlins for some delicious turkey sandwiches, groceries and gas.  We saw our first cowboy and some interesting Wyomingy sights.

wy1We eventually made it to Martin’s Cove where Jason’s parents are serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They live in an RV down the road and serve at Martin’s Cove by day for 6 months.  This is their second time serving this mission, and our first time visiting and seeing them in action.

wy223,000 people come to Martin’s Cove each season to participate in a Trek.  They wear pioneer clothing, load Handcarts and walk historic trails to camp and back for miles an miles in the heat.  My in-laws welcome and orient them and also give tours of various visitors’ centers on the property.  The girls got a special necklace made of recycled hand cart handles and learned about many special historical instances that happened there.

wy3After we spent the afternoon with them, Grandma made us dinner back at their very fancy trailer.  They even have a yard!  It was quite delicious.  There are little antelope nearby that often graze near the trailers.  After dinner we headed to a remote mobile home nearby that Grandpa set us up in.  We were very grateful because the nearest hotels were 60 miles away.  We had to rally some true roadtrip warrior spirit to get through our night there.  We were a little scared.  We are used to lots of noise and people and this was quiet and we felt very alone!

wy4I am so glad that we took this detour up to see Grandma and Grandpa Glass in their element.  So educational in so many ways. This is America!


3 responses to “Day 12: East Meets West

  1. So enjoying reading these recaps! You are visiting states I would love to go to myself! Oh, and sadly, the Bob Evans yarn bomb is not there anymore :(

  2. I really like this post. That hotel had class, class, class.

  3. our stake (littleton) was just on trek up at Martin’s Cove from July 10-15th. i am sure they met your in-laws! my friends who went on the trek said that the couples who worked up there were amazing! i was bummed i couldn’t go…

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