Day 11: East Meets West

It would be helpful if little girls weren’t waking at all hours of the night. Last night was Phoebz at 1 am sobbing about being kidnapped by the questionables we saw out on 16th street followed by Pickle waking at 3 am– normally I’d let her cry it out but I want my sleep and who knows what time zone she is on… Anyway I feel tired today.

We went to church near where I was born and raised for the first 3 years or so of my life. After our meetings I visited the house that my mom brought me home to when I was newborn. I yarn bombed the tree and left a note explaining why I chose them.


After that we visited the Denver temple, because we’re kind of on a temple crawl here….


I figured out that a friend of mine’s new house was only 4 miles away… She’s moving in next week so I yarnbombed her a little welcome:


We spent the afternoon hanging out as a family. I tried to soak in the last little bit of Jason as we will be apart for a little while now.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip so far. Seeing America is so interesting and invigorating and astonishing and energizing. Who knew Kansas was hills and cows?

The Denver stop— not gonna lie– has been disappointing but probably because I didn’t really plan it out. I remember it being pretty fabulous and the few parts I saw this weekend did not move me. Oh well– onward!



One response to “Day 11: East Meets West

  1. i’m sorry your denver stop was a letdown! i live in Centennial (just a couple miles straight east of the Denver Temple) and when we moved here three years ago, my husband was equally as skeeved out as you were on his first night in Denver when he was trying to grab a quick bite/drink on the 16th street mall! he ran into a guy who looked like he’d just been in a gang-fight, all bloodied up! with the exception of that one experience, we have loved Denver and now my hubs says he never wants to leave! (we’ve lived in Austin, Boston, Charlotte, and now here and that’s the first time he has said that!)

    weird story: i was talking to my mom a couple Sundays ago, who also lives here in the Denver area, and she mentioned that there was this cute family visiting her ward that day and that they were from NYC…”i think their last name was Glass?” and i said, “crazy! i follow her blog!”

    next time you come through town, let me know and i’ll show you all the cool spots!

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