Day 9: East Meets West

Miles: 1805

States: 8

Today’s Haiku:

City of Joseph
There was a brass band playing
It was really hot


Today was a quick 4 hour drive to Missouri. We did it without stopping. I was SO GLAD I had printed directions to the entire trip because today my GPS did not work for at least the first hour of driving. Also, right when we began I asked Jason if I would KNOW if I hit an animal when I was driving (this after seeing lots of road kill), and not a mile later I ALMOST hit my first animal–a tiny rabbit jutted out in front of me! Missed her! Whoosh. Later I went OVER some road kill and the impact of that alone tells me I would definitely know if I hit an animal.

Our first stop was Liberty, MO where we stopped at the Historic Liberty Jail. It was a very nice presentation about the Latter Day Saints time there. After that we stopped by the new temple briefly to take a quick pic and then went to the Visitor’s Center in Independence, MO. They had Book of Mormons there in every language, including several I had never heard of!

kc5Across the street is a temple built by the Community of Christ….it was very interesting architecture. The girls listened attentively to the Sister missionary who took us on the tour and showed her that the hoop toys of days gone by could double as HULA HOOPS.

The girls had had enough of the church history, so we headed to see Kansas City. I wanted to see The Scout, but instead we ended up at this enormous World War 1 Memorial to get a view of the city.

kc3It was a good find.We checked into our hotel and then headed to my friend’s restaurant in KC. I hadn’t seen Aaron in about 13 years since I left college! I always remember him talking about his family’s restaurant and was so happy to see it in person! We got a behind the scenes tour, I yarnbombed his office (blue swatch to the right of Aaron’s head, courtesy of my Mom), and we had a lovely dinner. His sister (pictured) was making chocolate tarts and we got to take the crusts home (she was shaping them in circles and they usually bake the crusts into cookies–I die)–SOOO good.

kc 1On our way home Jason spotted an OUTDOOR WORLD. We decided we should check it out. What a find! It was like Disneyland meets Duck Dynasty! Pickle was WAY PAST her bedtime, but we had to get a thorough view of this place! I never would have even seen this, so it was good we had Jason along.

This is America:

kc2Phoebz picked herself out a mossy oak hat for her souvenir, and Jason got a Duck Commander duck call. They all took turns with it in the car on the way to the hotel and Lolly was THE BEST (all that flute training).

Today’s Badge courtesy of KJ:

kc4Today’s musical: MORE of Les Miz—Javert is about to kick his own bucket….we will finish tomorrow.

I did most of the driving today, but when I took a turn in the back, this is what I saw:

kc7Pickle LOVES the film Babies, and GOOD NEWS she is crossing her fingers again (she just started doing it days before the accident). Phoebz is GETTING THERE. She has to read 6 books for summer reading and her first one is Little Woman-it’s LONG.


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  1. My goodness. So nice to see that face. :)

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