Day 10: East Meets West

Miles: 2440

Today’s Haiku: historic centers
Independence, liberty
We felt the spirit

The scout, where are you?
Californo’s yum yum yum
Outdoor world, quack! Quack!

Today the posse showed awesome strength and endurance. We powered through Kansas. Enough said.

I took the first leg and Jason took the rest. Pickle was a dream taking naps, eating snacks, watching Babies, talking to herself… The girls mostly read and fiber arted their way across Kansas. Lolly built a fort in the backseat.


I saw a giant billboard that frankly rivaled all others I saw along I-70 that said YARNS — 2nd friendliest yarn store in the universe. It pleased me enough to stop by, buy a few skeins and yarn bomb their OPEN sign.

While Jason was driving I read through my Iceland guide and knitted some swatches for yarn bombing. Lolly did the 3 color one–so good.

We finally landed in Denver and our first and only impression so far is that homeless druggies outweigh non-homeless arguably drug free people. Perhaps it’s because we are here on a Saturday night but it feels as if the city has been overrun… It’s really odd… Like someone is playing a trick on us. We finally found a restaurant with delicious food called the Rialto and then headed back to the hotel to– what else? SWIM!

It’s been so great having Jason. I already miss him.

Today’s musical: the rest of Les Miz (“to loves another person is to see the face of God” made me miss my exit!)

Today’s badge is another KJ:



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