Day 8: East Meets West

Today’s Haiku:

Grammy and Papa
Oh what fun we had with them
At their awesome house

Railroads, railroads, sheesh
The posse each won a game
Phoebe never won.

Miles: 1436

States: 7

nauvoo 3

The reason I can blog is because we put the Pickle to bed usually by 7 each night and then unwind in our beds with our books and electronics. I am grateful for the time to unwind after a long day and review and recharge.

We left my parents house this morning ready to take on the road trip again. My Mom armed the girls with goodies that they enjoyed along the way.

nauvoo 1Today we drove about 4.5 hours. We almost made it the whole way but then Lolly had to go to the bathroom and Pickle had a major poopy diaper and we all just needed to stretch.

The drive today was more farms. I felt that they were closer to the road today. I saw a lot of wild flowers bordering the highway and little birds, especially the black ones with red on their wings. I also saw a yellow-bellied bird fly very close to my windshield and Jason saw a cardinal. Today was a buggy day. The torrential rain I experienced the first three days kept my van so clean! Now it’s sticky and buggy.

I saw a few interesting sites today including a Bar/Lounge with the word DORIS in giant letters on the front. I saw a tiny wooden shack-type building that said PRIVATE EXOTIC DANCING. I would also call the stretch I drove today: Antique Row. I could have pulled off every 20 miles or so to go shopping! Maybe when I get a house I will have to make a trip back. Jason checked his map a few times just to see the BIG PICTURE. He was a very good passenger.

nauvoo 2We spent the afternoon in Nauvoo. When we drove into the “downtown” area, we immediately saw a sign that said PHOTOBOOTH—and our Glass Family rule is that when we see a photobooth, we must participate. Before we even ate lunch that’s what we did.

After we ate we decided to see the parts of Nauvoo that we remember from the last time we were there a few summers ago.

I wanted to see the Temple and try to find the plot of land where my ancestor John Jacob Zundel lived. We tried to follow the map my parents gave us during our Family History Merit Badge Night, and we think that there is now a campsite where the map was telling us to go, so we hopped out and took a photo in the middle of the campsite. We met a family there and asked the boy to pose with Lolly like he was proposing for a little ODE TO COCO (she got engaged in this temple), but since she wouldn’t do it, I jumped in….thanks Caleb from Utah.

nauvoo 4

A friend of ours is lighting the Pageant this year, and though the pageant doesn’t open until next week, we still got a behind-the-scenes look at it:


We also visited the Bakery, Post Office, John Taylor’s Home and the Printing Press. The Nauvoo Brass Band stopped by and gave a rather long little concert for us to watch too.

nauvoo 6

It was a nice afternoon to get hot and sweaty before taking a dip in the hotel pool.

nauvoo 8

For dinner of course we had to go to Hotel Nauvoo because it’s tradition. This time it’s a tradition that holds up a little better than White Fence Farm. My kids filled their plates multiple times and scarfed their food. Not the most vegan place on the planet, but we did our best. I liked that we sat under the tree.

nauvoo 7

I think this is the first time we haven’t seen fireworks on the 4th of July. We were all snoozing in our beds long before they started. This week marks 11 years since we drove our little Honda Civic to NYC with our 3-month-old baby girl. My how things have changed in 11 years.

Today’s badge:

nauvoo 9
Made by KJ which is fitting because she made the cloth temple that is featured in the pageant!

Today’s musical: Les Miz through WHO AM I? Listening to Jason try to sing I dreamed a dream = priceless.

Got a little vid:


One response to “Day 8: East Meets West

  1. Helen Knowles

    Eleven years – boy that time just flew by. I remember driving you to pick up the UHaul for your trek to NYC. Just drove past your old apartment in CP after watching the fireworks. Loving this travel log.

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