Day 6: East Meets West

Look who hopped in the van!

We are grounded again today here in my hometown.  It was a wonderful day of discoveries for all of us.

eirian and babiesAfter a breakfast with my college bestie/roomie and 5 of our 7 children, I convinced the girls and my parents to go downtown.

napreville yarn bombingWe discovered a YARN STORE (finally and hallelujah!), did some yarnbombing around the town, had some ice cream (frankly it was too cold for ice cream) and paddled the paddle boats.

naper yb 2

paddle boats

tortillaAs we were returning to our car a tortilla fell from the sky on top of us.  At first we looked around at who threw it at us, but then we surmised that it must have come loose from a flying bird’s beak.  It was a wonderful moment-we loved it.

For dinner I dragged them all to the White Fence Farm.  I remember going here as a kid and playing all the coin games.  I got a roll of quarters and let the girls play all the games (that chicken one is pretty fancy).  Pickle had her first electronic pony ride, Phoebe received her fortune and both girls learned that those claw games aren’t worth it.

white fence farm

The dinner: the chicken was very good and I enjoyed the corn fritters and bean salad too, but the potatoes? (instant) and the gravy (questionable).  Basically we didn’t love the food but we were there to talk about Mom and Dad’s first date and see America.

white fence farm 2The restaurant and the people there were different from what we are used to NYC.  “This is America” is what I keep telling the girls, and we saw some America tonight.  The petting zoo was also disappointing as the goats wanted nothing to do with the food we bought and all of the animals looked a little sick.

Pickle loved them and had lots to say about it of course.  Monopoly is pretty big around here—the girls just want to play and play and play.  It’s a miracle I have not been roped into playing right this second.  Also, we learned today that Pickle really loves dogs and ice cream.


white fence farm 3

Tonight, after ALL THIS, Jason pulled up and hopped out of a cab!  I guess he’ll be joining us for some East Meets West!

My Mom blogged about today too.


4 responses to “Day 6: East Meets West

  1. Was your hubs coming a surprise? If so, that is so awesome!!!

  2. Pickle with dogs and ice cream, yarn, market bag!, tortilla and paddle boats! So fun!

  3. Um, the claw games are not worth it? I beg to differ.

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