Day 4: East Meets West

Hooray! No driving today! I straightened up the van last night, so we could get to church in an orderly fashion this morning.  After a morning of worship we spent the afternoon playing games and going for a walk.  It was the perfect opportunity to do a little yarn bombing around the neighborhood.

naper 3The weather here is INSANE. It is so beautiful and breezy. After dinner we got Dad’s new fire pit out.  We made delicious s’mores, talked about how we would spend the rest of our time here, did a full reenactment of the film Summer Magic: His name’s Sam! Gilly! Osseum Poppum! Pink of Perfection! Nancy!, did tricks on the scooter and talked about our blessings.  As the sun went down, the lightening bugs came out and we did a little catch and release.

naper 5To quote Lolly: This is heaven….this is the best day ever.

naper 4Tomorrow we adventure some more.

Sam keeps asking for more videos, so here ya’ll go:

In Pickle news: her hands still have some discoloration but all the peeling is pretty much done.  She cut her 5th tooth, stood up from a squatting position for one second yesterday and sorta kinda took a little step today.  Making progress…

My Mom blogged about tonight too–If you click on over you can see I caught some AIR tonight dancing with my girlies.


3 responses to “Day 4: East Meets West

  1. Love the vids! Glad Lolly is having fun haha.

  2. Looks like a nice day! Enjoying the recaps!

  3. 98% sure I haven’t seen you in a sweatshirt and jeans since college. Looks cozy around that fire. Super jellus of the s’mores.

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