Day 3: East Meets West

Miles: 990

States: 6

Today’s Haikus:

Kirtland, Ohio
Then Toledo, Ohio
We’re ready, what’s next?

We hated the pool
And then Lolly hurt her nose
But the beds were nice

Hotel Breakfast with Lolly = WAY TOO MUCH on her plate that she can’t finish:

10Today we left the gas station at 8:02 AM and did not stop driving until we pulled into the driveway at my parent’s house.  After the girls read the 3rd clue and figured out where we were off to, there was no swaying them! I suggested we stop in South Bend or Chicago, but no–they just wanted to KEEP GOING!

Today’s drive was all farmland.  I loved seeing the fields and fields of crops and the beautiful farmhouses and barns.  We saw fields of assorted sheep and a pasture with more baby cows than mama cows.  My favorite was when there was a tiny and beautiful church complete with graveyard in the middle of the farm country! We also saw actual humans in the fields working and hypothesized at what those giant rigs were in each field.

This morning we listened to Mary Poppins which was much more engaging than Millie the day before.  Pickle liked listening to the music and then we got her through that long ride with home videos and Babies.


At Mom and Dad’s house we just plunged right in to home cooking and “country” (as my kids call it) living.

naperville 2Normally I like to let my parents give me a little break from the kids, but today I played the games and picked the lettuce in the garden.  I was really tired, but I just powered through it.  My Mom rewarded me with her better-than-cafe-rio salad.  It was soooooooo good.

There were no badges earned today, in fact not all the points were earned today (just a little scuffle over I don’t even know what), but we are doing well.

The weather here in the suburbs of Chicago is rainy and cool.  We have opted for a night in watching What About Bob?  Our next car day is July 4th–check in to see where we are spending it (and with who!)


2 responses to “Day 3: East Meets West

  1. Corny reply coming: you seriously inspire me. Your trip sounds like such a fantastic adventure that I wish I was with you! I look forward to any news from you and check all my social media sites several times a day just to see if you’ve shared anything. I’m soaking up every single detail. I’m headed out on my own road trip in just 2.5 weeks and I’m nervous. I wish I was heading out today and could take our time and wind through the country and explore like you are. But we have a deadline and must get there in just a few days. I have a whole truckload of activities and surprises for the kids but keep scouring all your postings for more ideas. I don’t know how you’ve gotten everything so organized and running so smoothly! Seriously impressive. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Love your blog! Drove across the country 5 years ago after my hubby graduated from medical school in Pennsylvania. You have a darling family!!

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