Day 2: East Meets West

Miles: 703

Today’s Haiku:

First bumper sticker
Then the toy store mapping fail
The pool saved us all.

Today! Another successful day on the Road Trip.  Today we headed out by  7:36 AM to be exact.  I know this because RIGHT on the hour the girls ask to open another clue and ask if they earned their point.

I had another tiny little GPS snafu.  I read over the printed directions I had and they did not match up with Siri, but I didn’t totally realize until I had already committed to the Siri way.  Then there was a MAJOR detour to the main direction I was supposed to go and I was unsure how long to follow the detour, and a second option came up and I passed on it and unfortunately added minutes to my route. Grrr…..but hey, I’m staying present and I’m staying cool. I am ENJOYING the journey.

(BTW-my brain has been rather buzzy lately leading up to the road trip, and I knew as soon as I just drove away it would stop–and it did!)

Today I loved seeing an old Saloon with a vintage sprite sign much like this one, and a church called DELIGHTFUL EVANGELICAL CHURCH.  I saw a beautiful place called Canyon Lakes, which apparently is a neighborhood, and I loved seeing the Stouffers plant too.  Living in the city,  I am constantly stopping to take pictures of things I fancy, and so it is so hard for me to NOT take a pic!

Our first stop was to Kirtland, Ohio…(Kirkland as Phoebe often says).  We let the swimsuits dry while we went on our adventure.

6I gathered the posse into the Visitors Center and we skipped the video (we had been sitting TOO LONG) and jumped into a tour group that was going to see some of the sites! Always check the pic after you hand over your camera…wa-wa-wa–fail (at least it says Kirtland).


The Church does a wonderful job preserving and presenting the historical landmarks across America.  The weather was so nice and the property, pristine.  We had a chance to see the Newel K Whitney Store and Home and the Johnson Inn.  It was amazing to imagine what happened in these various places back in the 1830’s.


Our missionary tour guides were a couple from Lehi, Utah.  She was wearing Cheetah print.  Gotta love that.

We were rather hungry, so we drove up the road and took a 15 second photo op in front of the Kirtland Temple–the first one built by those mighty Pioneers of days gone by.


It was bright.

After that we headed to Bob Evans, because I kept seeing signs and I remember eating the chicken noodle soup there as a kid. Together we ate 3 cups worth of that soup and then some.  It was mighty tasty. We decided to leave some of our love on the bench outside.  If you want to see if it’s still there, go check–and take a pic!

7Next it was off to Toledo. Why Toledo? Because it is nicknamed The Glass City, and we are the Glass Posse. My most favorite part of the drive was driving by Lake Erie and the city of Cleveland. I betcha there is a thing or two worth exploring there. I tried to pull off to take a pic of the Lake, but the Posse strongly objected, so we carried on.

Once in Toledo we decided to go straight to the pool to swim.  Unfortunately there were two very extroverted little girls swimming there who wanted to be our besties and we all felt rather smothered, so we cut it short, had a little party in the bathroom instead, and then headed to our dinner destination. Originally I had planned on GLASS CITY CAFE (of course) but when I checked it on yelp it had that darn little CLOSED sign next to it, so I had to come up with a plan B.


Tony Packo’s it is!  The Fried Pickles sold me.  Since we are out to explore America, I asked the waitress what the thing to order was. She suggested the Hotdog with the onions and the mustard and the famous sauce.  I am not sure what was in the sauce—I didn’t even ask!–which is SO not like me, but I ordered it. I loved all the flavors  But! The texture was SOMETHING ELSE. I guess it was a sausage with a VERY tough casing and it was disnasty (that’s disgusting and nasty combined). Lolly tried it and between the two of us, we could not stomach it. I ate the fried pickles instead.

Pickle liked the fried pickle’s and the mac n cheese.  There were a LOT of celebrity-signed hotdog buns-Rosemary Clooney, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Mandy Patinkin to name a few (what brings them all to Toledo?) Probably the tackle shop down the block: Wiggly Thangs.

The girls were amazing today.  The pace has been great so far.  I have a few LONG DRIVING days planned and I am feeling very confident about them now.  I will remember about today: The lovely drive, our booty-shaking contest in the bathroom, discovering Bob Evans and trying some new foods at Packo’s.

Today’s musical: Thoroughly Modern Millie (Julie Andrews version)–we were disappointed : ( So we listened to the first half of Mary Poppins.  So far, listening to a musical right off the bat is a great way to start the morning…then Pickle falls asleep for her morning nap and we have quiet time.  I’m loving the routine we’re cooking up.


Today’s Badges: Toledo and Pioneers (for Kirtland) brought to you by Blog Reader Andrea and KJKards.


5 responses to “Day 2: East Meets West

  1. Thanks for the Bob Evans hint. I was just across the street from that one last night! You drove right by my city off I-90, about 20 minutes from downtown! I live right on the lake (can see it from my window) if you want a photo, I can send it your way! Not sure I could handle the hotdog either (never really been to Toledo)! Good luck tomorrow in your travels! :)

  2. I drove cross country twice in my 20s and WISH I documented it like this (or if I had my blog then). You are so smart to write it all out. Enjoy!!! It’s such a great adventure. :)

  3. I am LOVING this! So glad you are doing it and can’t believe the creativity involved. A summer you all will never forget!

  4. The Julie Andrews version?! Nonononono. Sutton is the only way. :)

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