East Meets West: Day 1

Today’s Haiku:
I say bye to Dad
We go through the many states
New York New Jersey

I retired early last night so that I could have my best driving face on today.  Of course the Pickle woke up at 11 and 4. Last night of ALL NIGHTS to not get a full nights rest?

1At 6 everybody was ready to go but me….I quickly got into gear though because I did want to leave at 7.

We had 6.5 hours on our first leg.

I had printed out all of the directions in case my iphone GPS failed me.  I labeled everything by date and in order of directions used.  I paid no attention to this this morning, and entered the SECOND address we were meant to go to, instead of the first.  When my GPS said it was longer than I expected and started taking me a different-than-expected way right out of the gate, I knew something was wrong.  I almost hit a car parallel parking (and the words of my soon-to-be brother-in-law reverberated through my mind: Most accidents happen within 2 miles of home), and then pulled over to re-enter the correct address.

Which was for an OUT OF THIS WORLD toy store that I discovered on Road Trippers.  I literally chose our first stop because of the review of this toy store, and wanted something fun the first day out, since the road trip would take a while to get going, what with ALL THE DRIVING.  Plus I thought the building looked cool.  I picked the closest hotel to this store that I could find, that had free breakfast and a pool. First stop: Butler, PA it is!

My strategy for best kids behavior: Each girl has the potential of earning $5.00 per CAR DAY.  How do they earn 5 bucks? They have to get all the points.  Each day has a different amount of points.

For example, today 6.5 hours of driving = 6 potential points earned. How do you earn a point? For every hour that you obey, do what I say, help the baby, obey, don’t complain, stay tidy, obey, do exactly what I say—you get 1 point.

Guess who got 6 out of 6?


Actually, they got 7 out of 6….here’s why.


After 4 hours—we went 4 HOURS!!! without stopping—we had our subway lunch, used the facilities and changed the diaper–the torrential rain (seriously, torrential, like I could not see very far in front of me) began for the next about 2 hours.  I was following Siri’s commands and was so stoked when we had only a half hour left!

Suddenly our destination was upon us, and it was a spot on a highway in the middle of nowhere. Like, there wasn’t even any building there, it was in the middle of a road going 55 mph.

I pulled over, tried to regroup–decided to enter our hotel’s address instead….it was 1 hour the OTHER DIRECTION.


I stayed calm on the outside and just a tiny bit ruffled on the inside.  I told the girls that the GPS (or someone) had messed up and we had still 1 more hour.

My gas was nearly gone and there were no stations in sight.  Finally with only 15 miles (so Siri said…can’t trust her anymore) to go, I found a station and pulled off in time to refuel and change a poopy bum…no one was allowed out of the van.

Jun 4 3And let me just tell you, those road trip warrior girls just settled right back in and they did it. 1 more hour and we were at our hotel (passed right by that cool looking toy store but didn’t stop because we were meeting our cousins) ready to swim.

We swam. I hate swimming, but Pickle loves it…the girls and I threw her back and forth between us–she lurved it.  Lolly really clicked with my cousin’s daughter.

swamWe ate. Pickle stepped in my Mexican food with one of the few pairs of socks I brought…

We yarn-bombed.  Phoebe made a teeny tiny swatch today, and we found the perfect spot for it.

We cleaned up the car (how did it get even MESSIER after 6 hours?)

Jun 4 2And now we will have a good sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Thanks for following us! See you tomorrow!

Today’s BADGES brought to you by Cammie and our Primary Prez:

go badge

Go! and a beaded button to keep track of the number of times we attend church on the road (you can see Lolly holding that one in the video)!

Today’s musical: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


9 responses to “East Meets West: Day 1

  1. Wow you are so brave to do this trip all by yourself, lucky girls. I have done the East to West trip with 4 kids the youngest being 4 months old but we did a straight though both ways and 3 drivers. I know you are a trouper and so are your offspring, so you should be good. Look forward to hearing about your adventures along the way. What memories.
    I love your logo.

  2. Great first day! You did it! You all did it! They will never forget this.

  3. Not even kidding…..I thought about you the ENTIRE day! One successful day down and ? to go!!!

  4. What a great start to along your journey!!!

  5. I LOVE it all!! Thank you thank you for documenting and updating us! This is going to be so fun to follow!!

  6. I rarely comment, but am a loyal reader! Love this trip, and all the fun you have organized with it. Cool mom! And great job doing it on your own! :) Safe travels on the next leg, looking forward to reading!

    • I am so looking forward to this trip you’d think I was going on it lol !! Your girls are so lucky to have a such a wonderful Mum. What wonderful memories you are all making !!

  7. Like the haikus.
    They all make me laugh and smile.
    Ride on and write on.

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