Remember last year when I took my 5 day old bundle of joy to Renegade? (thats us at renegade–up top, on the banner).  Yes, that is how much I love it.  I SO wanted to buy her a little monster hoodie to match the one I bought a few years back, but the impending road trip (and expense of THAT) halted my impulse (I’m growing up!).

I LOVE Renegade.  I wanted to buy a bajillion things, but I just got a select few items, and made one more.


This year was definitely the year of the Narwal.  Owls are out, Narwals are in.  Who knew I was so on trend?

narwalToyota had a cool set up which included free screen printed totes and a photo booth that earned the Brooklyn Arts Council 3 bucks if you tweeted it….Ariel and I became the Quinoa Sisters.  I loved the Camp they set up and the craft area. I embroidered a little something a the Kollabora Crafting tent with the help of Jessica from Miniature Rhino.

We met Jay McCarroll too–he was super open and nice.

I ate this ice cream sandwich for lunch, gained inspiration from that banner and bought that print because it’s about Jason and me!

I love how my little embroidery project turned out. I put it on the Sisters Wall, because J and K is where it all began.

I’ma gonna miss that boy.





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