Badge Progress-New Pix! Scroll Down!

Here is a great tutorial on Embroidery Stitches.

I received the Toledo patch yesterday with a large bag of dum-dums representing the great state of Ohio and their dum-dum factory! I was so touched by the effort from a long time blog reader!
THIS JUST IN! My Favorite Canadian, Derek and his son will be making the Swimming Pool Patch! Come on! There’s gotta be other takers out there! : )

How are the merit badges coming? I have enjoyed working on mine…
haiku badge

JunbadgesCamping, Muir Woods, Wedding.

Still some left to claim:

OhioToledo-Glass City
Kirtland, OH
Nauvoo, IL
Halfway Point (you made it halfway there!)
Lake Tahoe (top left image)
San Francisco
Muir Forest-Redwoods- a tree patch
Disneyland (classic mickey)
Independence, MO
Denver, Colorado
Hollywood Sign (hiking badge)

DUE July 20th:

Bridesmaid (colors are navy and brown, green accent color)
Pioneer Trek (handcart)
Baby Entertaining
Swimming Pool
Poem Writing
Musical Listening
Practicing on the Road (flute violin)
Book Reading
Yarn Bombing
St. Louis
Theatre- Thoroughly Modern Millie

Mo and Cammie have been hooking me up too! Check out their patches on the way to me, in the mail!

haiku badgeHere is my family history patch in progress (thanks for the kit ETSY CRAFT PARTY):

IMG_6473And my aunt sent me this pic of some she and her sister have been working on:IMG_6395

THANKS EVERYONE for your help! I could not have made this happen without you. It’s going to be so fun to see their bags fill up with badges!


6 responses to “Badge Progress-New Pix! Scroll Down!

  1. I’ve made 2 pioneer badges, 1 is just a covered wagon and 1 is a couple pulling their loaded handcart, I figure that perhaps one of those you could use for Kirkland and 1 for Independence. You can see what you think.

  2. This is such a great idea! Your diamond ring is a killer! Muir Woods is unbelieveable! You will fell like a group of tiny fairies camping under such massively gigantic old trees!

  3. I am really tempted to give this a try, and enlist my son in the effort. Maybe we could do Swimming Pool? Then when we see you at the wedding he could make a connection. If it is due by July 20th, where would we send it to?

  4. I had previously left the comment about the yarn bombing in Toledo, and I’m willing to do the Toledo patch, if it’s not too late? I could drop them in the mail on Saturday.

  5. Well, I’m not a cross-stitcher, but I’m willing to attempt if you still need St. Louis? I’m new to the STL, but I feel like someone’s gotta represent!

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