Etsy Craft Party

Etsy had a craft party in Brooklyn last week on the ANNUAL CRAFT PARTY day. Of course I wanted to host my own craft party, but I am too busy planning an all-summer road trip party right now.

etsyPhoebz wasn’t feeling well so 23 and I headed down to Dumbo via the East River Ferry.  I love the ferry ride, it feels different from the normal commute.

Pickle was so good, chatting to herself and a giant sticker she was holding, in her stroller while Lolly and I embroidered our puppets.  We had the Etsy girls sew them up, took a photo at the DIY photobooth and then headed to the Kimchi Taco truck.  Lolly and I were in heaven eating MEAT.

On the way home Pickle received her 3rd vaccine of the day—all of my children add some extra oral vaccines to their repertoire while riding public transportation….don’t knock it, she has YET to have need for an antibiotic.

I love living in NYC and participating in events like ETSY CRAFT PARTY wha=what?


PS-the weather! It was to die.



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  1. LOVE your dress…

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