1 Year ago today…

I visited my midwife around 10 in the morning, not feeling very optimistic that I would have a baby–thus the choice to wear GLITTER on my eyes! (who does that when they know they will be giving birth later on with no chance to wash your face?)

We all know what ensued

I find myself, 1 year later thinking:

~Have I cleaned my makeup brushes in the past year?

~Where did the time go?

~Why do I still have this brown line on my belly?

~Gosh I wish time had done more of a number on this extra skin (3rd baby in my 30’s holla!)

~I look pretty good for having 3 kids!

~I feel about 97% physically recovered from that experience

~I wonder if my midwife misses our appointments

~That was the fastest year of my life

~I miss my teeny tiny infant

~I’m ready/not ready for a toddler: ready–PLAYGROUND/PARK not ready–that means she is not a baby anymore

~Glad I kept her alive

~Wow, we have had our share of scares/accidents

~The Bigs are still in love with her

~I have never experienced one human being bringing with her so much joy

Truly…I spell Pickle: J-O-Y

Looking at these photos I can totally see why Jason and I were concerned during month 6 and 7. She wasn’t feeling well and you can see it in her face. Other than that and the recent burns, she has been such a healthy baby.  We are so happy to have Pickle as our 5th Glass.  What did we ever do without her?

1 year




3 responses to “1 Year ago today…

  1. So very precious! Your family has blossomed in so many ways with Pickle a central part of it! Happy Birthing Day!

  2. She is adorable! Happy Birthday to your little sweet pea!

  3. Kept her alive for now 366 days!

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