Junbday 4Junbday5

There is really nothing like that first birthday party.  Since Bee and Pickle are mere hours apart, they shared their birthday celebration.


All the babies come together and they still don’t get it.  They are so sweet and curious and happy.  Pickle spent her birthday party crawling all around the grass and blankets and up and down.  She tried the snacks and ate the cupcake and drank the pink lemonade.  She loved the balloons and the friends and kept her hat on.  Dirt seeped through all layers of the socks and the bandages and the gauze.

Junbday 1

I lost track of her many times as she spent the afternoon exploring.

I made her special socks, since a girl who has to wear socks on her hands for her birthday, should have pom-poms.


She was happy to be 1.

We couldn’t imagine life without her.
Seriously, why are Jason and I the only two in hats?

Junbday 4






3 responses to “1

  1. Helen Knowles

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly that year went by? I know you are having fun with all of her new discoveries (we are having fun with the twins and shake our heads everyday about what they do). Happy Birthday Miss Pickle.

  2. What a baby! What a girl! What a joy! Pickle is amazing! Happy Birthday!

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