Ode to Rip

One of the regrets  I have about my I’m a Mormon video is that the story didn’t go on to show another of my happy endings.  I am living a happy ending now with my spouse and children, but I  had another happy ending before that.

My Mom wrote about it so well, that I had to share it here as Father’s Day (OBV one of my least favorite holidays) weekend commences.

My Mom calls my Dad Rip.  Why?

One night last Christmas we were reading tabletop questions and this was asked:

If you could have any nickname what would it be?

And without a moments pause, Dad yelled:


Rip it is.

dad legs
photo cred: Linz


One response to “Ode to Rip

  1. Kage,
    I was so very proud of the vivacious, energetic, creative, loving, loyal, truly sincere, sweet, virtuous, valiant, spirited and spiritual child who I was so honored to have influenced and with whom I have shared many important childhood experiences! Wow, time has moved so fast.

    Now I continue to be so proud of the woman, wife and mother you have become and continue to become. You are wonderful blessing!

    Thank you for your props on this day!

    All my love to you. The future is bright!

    Rip – (Dad)

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