We need a distraction…




Would you like to be a part of the Road Trip 2013–EAST MEETS WEST?

Here’s how you can be!

SHHHHH….ALL OF THIS IS TOP SECRET—-so don’t tell my kids!

Make a merit badge (2 of the same kind)



The girls are going to earn merit badges as we travel across America and back.  I was thinking at a minimum they would get a merit badge representing a state, city or landmark that we pass through, and then maybe add in some badges for books read, projects knit, baby’s entertained.

Here is the tutorial that I plan on following and I want YOU to follow to make these merit badges. 2-4″ in width…any shape.  [Don’t worry about a pin back…that would be helpful, but there are other ways we can attach them to their tote bags I think]

If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment with your top 3 choices of merit badges that you will design and make and send to me by the due date!  (There will be different addresses for different due dates!)

Thanks for considering!

DUE June 25th:

LINKS are ideas that could work as embroidery

OhioToledo-Glass City
Kirtland, OH
Nauvoo, IL
Halfway Point (you made it halfway there!)
Lake Tahoe (top left image)
San Francisco
Muir Forest-Redwoods- a tree patch
Disneyland  (classic mickey)
Independence, MO
Denver, Colorado
Hollywood Sign (hiking badge)

DUE July 20th:

Bridesmaid (colors are navy and brown, green accent color)
Pioneer Trek (handcart)
Baby Entertaining
Swimming Pool
Poem Writing
Musical Listening
Practicing on the Road (flute violin)
Book Reading
Yarn Bombing
St. Louis
Theatre- Thoroughly Modern Millie

Make a yarn bomb swatch. (skies the limit)

We plan on  leaving a little yarn bomb swatch in each city we visit, so if you would like to send us a swatch or two, leave a comment and I will give you an address to send it based on when you will have it finished. We can receive swatches through August 16th as long as you send it the right place!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take on this challenge and absolutely do not tell my kids! I need your help to make this a success, and of COURSE I will be sharing them here on the BLOG! (unless you don’t want me too!)

PRETTY PLEASE!? This will be fun right? just do it tonight while you are watching tv and then pop it in the mail! k?


14 responses to “We need a distraction…

  1. Cammie Quinn

    Such an awesome project, Kristy! My first choice is KY (though I know your sis can play the trump card here if she wants it), then St. Louis, or pool swimming. I’d also like to do a Monopoly GO ——-> badge if you don’t mind an off the list pick.

    • Cammie, I love my Sis, but I don’t know if she has it in her to work on this—but Lindsay—let me know! She is growing a baby so I don’t expect her to make anything! SO! Kentucky it is (and I do want to make it work to see you guys this time) and that Monopoly GO sounds fun as a first patch! Is that what you were thinking? YIPPEE!

      • Yes, exactly what I had in mind! I’ll get everything to you before the 25th–I love having a secret project!

      • Cammie Quinn

        Sounds so fun! Mo would like to come up with a patch of her own as well–she’s still spinning ideas around, so we’ll work on those next week and have everything to you by the 25th! Thanks for including us in the super secret surprise covert craft mission…shhh…

  2. I was in downtown Toledo a couple weeks ago and saw some yarn bombing and immediately thought of YOU because of the fiber arts/Glass correlation. How perfect that you’ll soon be visiting for yourself!

    • Andrea D–can you give me a general area/intersection? I would love to see it, also any suggestions for Toledo. I thought we had to stop: The Glass City and all….

  3. Ohhh, I’m so in!! I would like to do two patches (4 total)

    Yarn Bombing
    San Francisco (unless Coco called dibs)
    Denver, Colorado

  4. If I knew how to embroider or knit, I would! Just wanted to shout out Kirtland, Ohio! I live about 25 minutes from there and went to college in Kirtland. I am betting you are going to visit the historic LDS sites there, enjoy!

  5. I am in for sure, I’d love to do the Disneyland Castle, Pioneer Trek using something I carried with me our stake trek to Martin’s Cove, also a Beehive/bumblebee for Utah. I will talk this up with Kalita, Sherrie and a couple other relatives. What is your plan for off list places that you’ll pass through? I can do some yarn bombing too. I think this is a fabulous idea. So is Pickle left out of this? or maybe she could get a photo transfer of ones she earns that would not actually be embroidered.

    The knitting spool project that I wrote you about would be cool so each could leave make a “snake of knitting for lack of a better name” for each place that you yarn bomb.

  6. Are you coming through Pittsburgh at all? We would love some Posse visitors if so!

  7. I’ve got the Practicing on the Road patches : )

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