This post is for carrie, who asked about my hair yesterday…..

I am drawn to the Victory Rolls lately. I have been reading about them in my vintage hairstyles book and watching some youtube how-to’s.

Here are my first few experiments.  Sadly, both days were EXTREMELY I am hoping to have better success in Utah at my sister’s wedding:


hair 2
I wish it would stay looking all tousled like picture 3 of 4, but I think it would just fall way flat….kind of like the first set of pix.  Again–it was VERY moist on both days that I experimented. I also learned not to sleep in the rollers–I suffered from an aching neck for a few days. NOT WORTH IT.

Jason of course kept saying: your hair.

He knows after 15 years together to just go with it.


One response to “Hair

  1. Haha Jason! I especially love the top photos. I like it crazy like that. So fun. I slept in curlers to practice for Saturday. It turned out way too silly…

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